A New Beginning

I did it. I finally did it. I finally passed the test, and I am now officially an environmental lawyer! Yes, yes, I know, it’s not exactly the most well known of jobs. I’m not going to solve any high-profile cases, like murder, arson, embezzlement, and the works. But I’m going to be able to help solve matters in regards to the environment. And with how our environment is now, I think it needs all the help it can get. Right now, I’m specialized in forest resources, also known as forestry law. In the near future though, I plan to expand further into other branches of environment law as well, just so that I can take on more cases and make sure the environment is taken care of.


Environmental Law study


Some of you may be wondering, “why environmental law? Why not criminal law, or something else that can make more money?” Well, for starters, it doesn’t really matter how much money I make if we all die due to a messed up environment now, would it? Look at the world now. Global warming is imminent, but people are ignoring it, and just continue doing whatever they please. Chopping down trees, ignoring emissions from factories and vehicles and so on. Our world isn’t going to last long at this rate, you know. Maybe by being an environment lawyer, I’ll be able to stop just a bit of these things from happening. By enacting the forestry law, I may be able to stop illegal logging, and that will in turn help out the environment a lot. I know, I know, I’m sounding like a tree hugging hippie right about now, but I don’t care, because it’s the truth.


Enforcing forestry law


More than that, I hope that with my future career expansion, I can open people’s eyes to the effect that the environment can have on HIV patients, and vice-versa. Now, you may be asking, “wait, how is this related?” Well, according to some studies, in the more rural areas of Africa (where there appears to be quite a number of HIV patients), the environment can have an impact in the lives of the patients, and they in turn can make quite the impact on the environment.

Firstly, if the environment around them is in such a way that there’s a scarcity of natural resources (which equates to less food and a terrible diet), the lives of the patients will get even worse than before. Furthermore, the lack of nutrition would make them more susceptible to more infections.

Secondly, the family of the sick people may harvest more stuff from the nearby environment, for example wood, even more when caring for the patients. They may take more wood from the environment to make fires and care for the patients, or even to create coffins for the dead. Or even worse, for cremations, which would take even more wood.

Oh right, speaking of HIV, I got this voucher for a HIV test in Singapore when I attended a HIV awareness event recently and I respect them for taking the matter at hand to control the spread of HIV in Singapore.

Hopefully with my new job, I would be able to help this world more.


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