The Environment is Everybody’s Business

As an environmental lawyer myself, I’ve been through more than a few conversations where people try to justify to me why they shouldn’t be held responsible about the environment. Isn’t that weird? To make it worse, there are many times when it’s not even me initiating the topic! It makes you feel as if they had guilt in their hearts that they felt they needed to justify their position, out of nowhere! However, whatever their excuses may be, the environment is everybody’s business. Not just the government, or the industries, or the NGOs. Let me show you why:

  • Global warming impacts everyone. We know full well by now that global warming is greatly affected by our actions in the environment and, with due care, could be considerably protected. Trust me, the hurricane is not going to skirt around your house just because you can’t influence the industries!

The environment is everybody business2

  • Rising sea levels are such as a huge risk that many of the major metropolitans could be in danger of sinking – including New York City. You may be lucky to live inland, but some largely populated areas are still coastal, and that also affects you, as large numbers of people will be running from the rising sea levels and moving inland, thereby crowding and negatively affecting your area.
  • Think of it as a consumer, whereby you are able to choose what you purchase with your own money, and thus directly have your say on which companies get to actually survive. If people do not buy a specific company’s products, they are going to go bankrupt. Hence, make sure to only purchase products from environmentally responsible companies. For example, you should be searching for products with minimal carbon footprint and bio-degradable baby hampers to start with. Moreover, consider giving a second life to your beautifully designed diaper bag from Singapore, by gifting it to a mother who can barely feed her kids in Haiti. If you simply donate what you don’t want, you will be feeding two birds with one hand – you will be making a family happy and also contributing to saving the environment at the same time. Also remember to reuse the things that you can, instead of buying new.
  • Be gentle to your wallet. Yes, you might have often heard that going green is more expensive and time consuming – but that is far from the truth. In most cases, environmentally friendly products are made to save energy and reuse existing resources, thus making it cheaper for you on the long-term.
  • Take care of your own health. Unnatural products are actually known to cause cancer and other health-related risks, in addition to hurting the environment. Any synthetic products are dangerous for both you and the environment, thus changing your lifestyle into adapting more of the natural products and food is going to have a positive for both you and the environment that surrounds you.

Basically, the list of positive points of environmentally friendly living is almost endless. In each and every aspect you think of, you will find a good reason to stop hurting the environment – trust me, most of your actions today are hurting the environment, despite not seemingly doing so from the outside. We are all aware that we cannot absolutely stop it, but we can make our own little contribution, and that will mean a lot in the long term.



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