What killing animals really means

So, I’ve recently seen a few web design companies meant to specifically support environmentalists, including preserving the environment, saving the trees, and even against the killing of animals throughout the globe. It impressed me, to say the least. It means people have begun to understand the seriousness of preserving natural resources and the animal world, and even moving out of their chairs to have their say. Moreover, what is most important for me is that people, powerful or less powerful, have also begun to understand the power they have in making a change.

In this post, I would like to really focus on the animal world, and the dangers that are associated with that. Some people kill animals for the fun of hunting, others for profiting off the meat, while some other people use parts of their body, including the fur and bones, for profit reasons. Quite frankly, all three should be considered far from fair, and even legal for that matter – especially some of the endangered species such as the Siberian tigers, giant pandas, some of the lion species, hippopotamuses, and many more.


Let me begin by telling you that each species is there for a reason. The whole ecosystem is built to have each and every plant, animal and microbe help each other survive, just like a machinery system. If one of them goes extinct, it is undoubtedly going to have at least some bit of a negative effect on the rest of the ecosystem. Some plants are meant to feed the animals while others are there to support the growth of other plans as well as the hygiene of the water and air. Similarly, each type of animals serves for something, including as prey or supporter of some other animal. With the gradual extinction of so many animals, the ecosystem is soon going to really start hurting, and we are going to see the consequences on our own life. It would be far from an understatement to say that, at the current rate, the world is slowly going towards getting destroyed. Large buildings and asphalt roads are not going to help us survive, after all.

To add to the above, poaching animals also have a very negative effect on the environment as well. With the extinction of animals that serve as prey to other animals, the predators begin eating the environment, such as the trees and other animals that help preserve the environment. And did I mention the economic effect on local communities? Some animals are a great touristic attraction, therefore the extinction of some of these illustrious animals is sure to have a very negative effect on the number of tourists coming and spending money on such places.


And finally, the killing of animals is not the only problem either, as there are more than a few dozen cases of animal mistreating and even ruthless experimentation on such animals in laboratories. Animals are living creatures that have feelings, just like human beings, and their torturing should be illegal in every way possible.

Ultimately, whether it is by going out and physically supporting the preservation of nature and wild life, organizing campaigns or gatherings, joining in online campaigns, or even simply contributing through a supportive social media or website design, make sure that you do your part!


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